Interview with Ben Clymer, founder of is the world’s watch enthusiasts release the latest watch information, sharing love story and trading collection cheap replica watch platform. We have an interview with the founder of the site Benjamin Clymer, listening to his story about his favorite super watch.


When did you start to fall in love with Omega Speedmaster watch?

I see from my grandfather wearing a super watch that began. Grandfather is my hero, and he always let me come into contact with a variety of novelty fun objects, such as cameras, cars, stereo, computer. Of course, there are watches. Grandfather has a super watch is bought in his later years, when I live with him. I often think that my grandfather is for me to buy this watch. In addition to this Omega fake watches, grandfather there are two other watches, were left to my father and uncle. Although he never said to me personally, but I understand his intentions. It is my grandfather left me this super watch to open my love, so I have the life now.

Do you remember my grandfather’s hand over to me? At that time, what do you think of its first idea?

of course I remember. That year I am 16 years old, full of fear on this super watch, I like its complexity, its weight and texture. Usually, I noticed that grandfather often wear this watch. One day, he suddenly removed from his wrist and handed me over. Since then, this super watch has been with me so far. At that time, just get this watch I did not think about want to have a watch. In fact, I almost did it. Of course, it is this super watch to open my watch on all the knowledge. So I am grateful.
Recently, you published this article “watch buyers are prone to 12 serious mistakes” article. Among them, one of the mistakes you mentioned is “never had a piece of Omega Speedmaster watch”.

Why is the super watch so special?

I remember my first time with a top watch collector to meet very tense, because his collection value close to ten million US dollars. I thought he would have to wear a top-level complex watch. But when he walked into the room, I found that he was wearing an Omega Speedmaster professional chronograph. When I asked him why he had so many of the world’s top watches, he chose to wear this piece, his answer is “because the super watch is the world’s best watch.” This sentence completely changed my mind. Since then, I have made many of the world’s top collectors. Without exception, they say, no matter what they want to have, super watch is so special. Super watch is the art, design, practical and historical integration into one of the pinnacle. In my case, the simple and pure watch the most attractive, and super hand watch on the chain, three small dial and black chronograph three points is enough pure, not to mention the super watch watch to participate in human space exploration Significance. I said very seriously – if you have not tried to collect a super watch, absolutely not qualified to claim watch collectors.

When a rare watch in the market, the collectors in the end how excited?

This excitement is unspeakable. If you see a dream in the watch, I have no way to suppress the heart of the joy and excitement. In order to collect these watches, I travel around the world, spent countless hours to do research, other collectors certainly like me. A special super watch is the collection of watches in the “holy grail”. When such a watch appears, no matter how excited are not too far.

You and the Omega brand contact a lot, very familiar with the antique watch. Holding a rare super watch what is the feeling?

When you become a collection of more and more excellent collectors, your feelings will change. About 10 years ago, the first time I bought the 321 movement equipped with Omega Speedmaster replica professional chronograph spent $ 1500. At that time, I felt like “the king of the world”, too incredible. Since then, I also have several different equipped with different 321 movement super watch, but then the piece numbered 145.012-67 compared to the watch, I was not so easy to excitement. However, I still think it is one of the world’s best watch. Because, I have a lot of watch collection, but also very clear what I want. When you get that a perfect watch, the collector, always only more exciting feeling.

How do you evaluate the shape of super watch? Super watch has been born for 60 years. In addition to historical roots and space to explore the story, do you think the super watch is a good look of the meter?

I really like its shape. As I said before, the pure sense of the black dial is unparalleled, it can be perfect with a variety of strap. I usually like to do one thing is to HODINKEE shop inside the sale of the strap and super black dial with together. I think that the original with a stainless steel bracelet dial on the strap, like to watch the second life. At the same time, as an antique car enthusiasts, inspired by the racing timing of the birth of the super watch you have some other attraction. As a friend said, space does not need speed beats. I am feeling that so many years later, when the super watch has long been changed from the field of the car to the moon table is known, the design of the speed bead has been retained.

How do you evaluate the recent launch of the Omega series of super prizes, such as the dark side of the month and the moon phase table?

In my opinion, they are superb series of excellent and natural evolution. I especially like the dark side of the moon. That year, when it was just launched, I wrote an article. At that time I said, when the whole world to hear Omega to launch a black ceramic super watch, will feel “this idea is terrible.” But when we saw this watch, only to realize that Omega completed almost impossible to complete the task, and the classic super watch for a fascinating upgrade, and made of ceramic! I think this is a great replica watches, and I countless times want to put it in the bag.

You want to have what super watch?

I was lucky to have several early super watch, I still have a super watch there are two: grandfather gave me the Mark 40, and No. 2915-1 super watch. At that time in order to get that super he paid a lot of effort and experienced several transactions to get. So in the original collection of super table, I was satisfied. But I still miss a super watch – Alaska plan prototype (Alaska Project Prototype), I really like the story behind the story and the origin, but more attractive to me is its appearance! This watch engraved version is also very beautiful, but for me the original is determined to win. This year’s Phillips auction appeared on a piece, I actively participate in the auction, but the final price slightly more than I expected, and I also saw the auction in another table. We may not have all the things you want, but I am very eager to put that super watch into my collection. I’m trying to save money for it.

You want to appreciate which super-watch? Is a special material of the super or a special style of the complex engraved version?

I think Omega is very good at getting inspiration from the classics. If today I let me design a super (really someone suggested me to do so), I really want to create a very limited number of limited edition watch series, using the original super shell design, luminous dial and pointer, and carrying Lemania 321 movement, and the original super watch exactly the same. Of course, this will be a limited style, I hope the case with platinum to build, circulation of not more than 50. Perhaps the introduction of a steel material to create the same paragraph, limited to hundreds of pieces. But I think if the Omega really launched a very valuable collection of 321 movement equipped with a limited edition watch, the enthusiasm of the market will be quite high.

What do you think is the symbol of the watch?

This question is harder to answer, because there is too much to make a watch a legendary factor. May be due to a watch wearer, may also be because of the beautiful design and technology, these reasons are there. In terms of super king, its legend beyond the above simple reason, is today any other fake watches are very difficult to match. Super watch the charm of so many, which is why I love it, my side of the people may be like me obsessed with super, but for a completely different reason. To me, the more advantages of a product, it is more attractive.