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IWC Chronograph replica

“Streamlined core elements” as the IWC replica watches the most unique DNA, manifested in the nations of each large-scale pilot hours above. Further return to the roots of the pilot watch, the brand is an inexhaustible motive force for continuous development and innovation. In 2016 the new watch, the brand flavor of the triangle triangle, time scale number slightly bold, minute scale becomes more slender, these minor changes not only makes the dial more harmonious beauty and reproduction of the 1940 Classic charm of the table, the formation of the IWC replica dial on the exclusive landscape. The watch house editor today to introduce this watch, it is one of the representatives of the brand new money. Here, together to appreciate it (Model: IW377710).


Remodeling pilot watch features


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Streamlined and practical is the pilot of the two basic characteristics of the watch, and these two characteristics are affected by the clarity of the dial. Womens Pilot watch in 2016 with a single day of the digital date display instead of the traditional watch the triple date display, making the watch more simple and generous, to improve the efficiency of time. The small five-minute digits on the outer minute circle are also omitted. The reason for this is simple: the brand to reshape the classic characteristics of the pilot watch – clarity, to ensure legibility in all light conditions.

Watch case display

40 mm stainless steel case, the thickness of 15 mm. After polished grinding process after mapping out the fine steel unique exquisite, generous light, very beautiful. At the same time, the internal watch equipped with soft iron inner shell, can effectively protect the movement from the magnetic field effect, for the safe operation of the movement escort.

Graceful design


Watch dial display

Black dial classic, stylish, giving a stylish, sophisticated and good impression. 12 hours and 6 hours at the standard dial at the dial to provide cumulative time, at 9 o’clock in the small dial, the red second hand to indicate the normal operation of the watch. Design style is different from the dial of the three small functional plate horizontal easy to distinguish, adding to the use of the efficiency of the watch, showing the superior charm of the watch.

Watch crown display

Located in the middle of the replica watches online shell screw steel crown and two buttons after the adjustment is very coordinated, full of beauty. Crown decorated with the logo on the World, show the brand’s charm. And the use of  non-slip texture design, making the watch crown and buttons feel good, do not slip, to protect the watch operation is accurate and effective. In debugging the watch, there is a debugging aircraft dashboard both visual sense, giving an unforgettable operating experience.

Watch ear display

Steel lugs after polishing the line is very smooth and natural, with a high ornamental. And watch the perfect connection with the bracelet, set off the overall beauty of the cheap replica watches.

Watch back cover display

This watch only the bottom of the process, a good protection of the movement safety. Carrying 79,320 self-winding movement, full chain can provide 44 hours power reserve, waterproof rating of 60 meters. Carved on the table at the end of the old aircraft Ju 52 pattern, showing the million pilots of the traditional aircraft tribute to respect and respect, and give the cheap replica watches a good moral.

Watch steel strap display

General this watch to Santoni calf leather strap, but there are elegant, full of steel chain security choice. Can well protect the wrist watch in the security, will not easily fall off. And steel chain models look more tough with the atmosphere, is the perfect combination of fashionable temperament and refined connotation.

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Summary: not afraid of the flow of time, IWC pilots always high-spirited fighting spirit and its own determination to the quality of the classic classic to pay tribute to the past. From generation to generation handed down the brand DNA is still timeless, in each new replica watches on the dial to put the classic glory.

IWC launched the Portuguese series of double-chronograph chronograph

Recently, the Swiss watchmakers Schaffhausen IWC replica for the three cities of Milan, Paris and Munich, in particular, launched three limited edition Portuguese series of dual-chronograph chronograph, following the first in 1995 after the advent of IWC Portugal replica watches series double Chasing chronograph once again interpretation of the senior tabulation legend. The highlight of the three extraordinary timepieces is the addition of a third button to start and stop the needle, so in addition to the traditional timing function, you can also measure two different short periods, accurate to seconds.

1995, IWC introduced the first Portuguese series of two-chronograph chronograph (Model: 3712), cleverly integrated Portuguese series of elegant design and sporty dual timing function, which can measure two short periods, called the pioneer Innovation for. IWC fake watches chief executive Georges Kern said: “Portugal series of dual-chronograph chronograph is not only IWC cheap replica watches superb mechanical process of the model, is also a fashion icon in the eyes of the works.” With this feature Of the first table was released in 2006, and now return again. 2016, IWC effort to create three special limited edition timepieces, re-interpretation of this classic series, at the same time pay tribute to the brand in three European cities set up boutique stores.
The three special limited edition special is that each table are engraved at the end of the extraordinary significance of the pattern. Milan special edition engraved on the bottom of the special limited edition number “Biscione” grass snake pattern, which is not only the Visconti family logo, but also a symbol of the city of Milan logo; Paris special edition engraved in the special edition table on the Paris Peace Avenue (Rue de La Paix) and the Latin motto “Flvctvat Nec Mergitvr”, highlighting the cultural spirit of the city of Paris; the special edition of the Munich store is engraved with the iconic architecture of the Church of Our Lady of Munich, Is one of the city’s major landmarks.

The chronograph second hand can be synchronized instantaneously with the chronograph master stitch

In addition to the traditional timing function, the double chronograph also equipped with double chronograph timing mechanism. Dial center with two stacked chronograph pointer, start the timing function after the start of synchronous operation. Press the third button in the 10 o’clock position. The upper pointer stops and the lower pointer continues to operate until the stop button at the 2 o’clock position is pressed. This allows two different short periods to be measured at the same time. Press the button again, regardless of the needle in a still or motion state, will instantly catch up with the timing of the main needle, to keep running simultaneously.
IWC Portugal replica series of two-chronograph chronograph Milan store special edition and the Paris store special edition has been in IWC milan store and IWC Paris Peace Avenue store for sale; Munich store special edition is expected to 2017 spring landing IWC fak watches Munich store. Watch enthusiasts can immediately send e-mail to IWC Customer Service Center register purchase intention.


Portugal series double chronograph Milan special store special edition

Model: IW371215
Diameter 40.9 mm, red gold case, waterproof 3 bar
76240-type self-made manual chronograph movement, power reserve 44 hours
Hour, minute, second, double-chronograph, tachymeter and range finder
Black alligator strap
The global limit of 100


Portugal series of double-chronograph Paris special store special edition

Model: IW371216
Diameter 40.9 mm, stainless steel case, water-resistant to 3 bar
76240-type self-made manual chronograph movement, power reserve 44 hours
Hours, minutes, seconds, and dual-chronograph mechanism
Black alligator strap
The world limited 250


Portugal series of double-chronograph Munich special store special edition

Model Number: IW371217
Diameter 40.9 mm, stainless steel case, water-resistant to 3 bar
76240-type self-made manual chronograph movement, power reserve 44 hours
Hours, minutes, seconds, and dual-chronograph mechanism
Blue crocodile leather strap
The world limited 250